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Kitchen, Bathroom & Whole House Remodeling in Greensboro NC

Looking to remodel your whole home? Or just a kitchen or bathroom? You have come to the right place. We at Home Remodeling of Greensboro offer excellent service in remodeling your home. We have that exquisite style that you and your home deserve. Our professional team is eager to assist you with quotes of remodeling that is required. After an initial evaluation, we will supply you with a quote for your approval.

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About Our Team

We are at the top of our league when it comes to remodeling homes, no job is too big or small for us. Our professional experts will ensure that your dreams of remodeling your home become a reality. No one can compare to us when it comes to affordable prices and with it professional and friendly staff who will keep you updated from start to finish.

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of remodeling from kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even basements. We use the best quality materials to remodel your home at the most affordable price. We have the best teams available to make all your remodeling needs easier and affordable.

Whole House Remodeling

You have come to the right place if you want to remodel your whole house. We do everything from your kitchen, master suites, bathrooms, exterior, and even your basement. We do at all.


Have you always dreamed of a stunning kitchen? Well, we can do that for you. Imagine walking into a beautiful kitchen with stunning countertops, top-of-the-line appliances, and incredible floors. We can do that for you and at an affordable cost.


At Home Remodeling of Greensboro, we remodel big or small bathrooms. At what cost you may ask; well, all our prices are affordable. We can remodel your bathroom for you, into a stylish bathroom, or into a cozy feel-at-home bathroom, the choice is yours.

Master Suite Remodeling

At the end of a long busy day, wouldn’t it be awesome to retreat to a master suite that is relaxing and peaceful yet stylish? At Home Remodeling of Greensboro, we strive to do just that for you.

Basement Remodeling

Maybe your basement is standing empty or maybe used as a storage unit, it is time to change that. At Home Remodeling of Greensboro, we can help you use that space creatively. An entertaining area? A relaxing getaway in your own home? Whatever your wish, we will happily assist you at an affordable cost.

Exterior Remodeling

At Home Remodeling of Greensboro, your whole home is our passion and our services also include exterior remodeling, which includes fences, walls, decks, and porches. Because the outside of your home should be just as beautiful as the inside.


“I contacted Home Remodeling of Greensboro and immediately was assisted by a friendly staff member. After a first discussion, a time and date were set for a team to come out to my home and give me a quote on the remodeling of my kitchen, we discussed the cost of remodeling a kitchen, with the equipment and style that I had in mind. I was thrilled to receive a quote at an affordable price. I, of course, agreed to the quote, and on the day that work was to start, the team arrived promptly on time. The task at hand was taken on in such a friendly yet professional manner. Also, the team from Home Remodeling of Greensboro worked so efficiently and with such cleanliness, which I was so impressed by. Home Remodeling of Greensboro is amazing and anyone wishing to remodel a bathroom, kitchen or even the whole house will make no mistake by contacting them.”

Tracey H

“I always dreamed of a place where I could relax and read a book. A friend of mine suggested a deck at my home, she also recommended Home Remodeling of Greensboro. The next day I sent in an email and received a reply shortly thereafter, the friendly consultant said they could send out a team the very next day to quote me. The service was amazing and the quote was affordable. What I loved about the team from Home Remodeling of Greensboro was that they listened to me and asked me questions about what I wanted, that was amazing. I then asked them to please quote me on remodeling my bathroom, which they did right away. I am so happy with the service I received. My deck is just amazing and my bathroom is stunning. I continue to recommend Home Remodeling of Greensboro to everyone I meet”

Melody A

“I decided to go for it and remodel my whole house, it was a difficult and overwhelming decision, but after contacting Home Remodeling of Greensboro, I knew I had made the right decision and I felt comfortable with leaving it all in their capable and professional hands. The staff was amazing, I was updated daily, meaning I never had to wonder about what had been done already or what they were going to do next. I was so worried about the cost of remodeling a kitchen especially, but Home Remodeling of Greensboro still managed to come in at budget and still delivered everything I wanted. My basement was standing empty, it was such a waste of space, after discussions, it was decided to turn this into an entertainment area for my teenagers, they are so happy and all of their friends are always over. I am so happy that I found Home Remodeling of Greensboro, the decision to remodel my whole house was made so easy by them and so affordable. I will always recommend Home Remodeling of Greensboro to all of my family and friends.”

Martin G

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Our friendly and skilled team at Home Remodeling of Greensboro would love for you to contact us today regarding any of your home remodeling requirements. We believe we can offer you the best quotes for the most cost-effective remodeling of your home, along with professional service at all times.