Basement Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling their homes, most people do not think about basement remodeling. You could argue that it is a daunting task for the majority of people. Home Remodeling of Greensboro, on the other hand, will transform that dingy, cold wasted space into a bright welcoming area that can be used to its full potential.

Is basement remodeling worth it?

Not only do many people believe that basement remodeling is an impossible task, but they also question whether it is even worthwhile. The answer is unequivocal yes! It will be seen as a good long-term investment for your home, and it will increase the property value because it is an extra space that can be used in a variety of ways, for example, a guest room or a den for the family.

How can a remodeled basement be used?

Basement remodel has many benefits. What was once considered a waste of space can now be transformed into amazing areas for you and your family to enjoy.  Home Remodeling of Greensboro can assist you in converting that space into a craft room, a playroom, a hangout for your teenagers, an at-home gym, or even a home theater; the choice is yours. The extra space will allow family and friends to unwind and spend quality time together. So, a basement can be used in a variety of ways and our highly experienced team will help you make the best decision for you and your family.

How long will the remodeling take?

Basement remodeling will take several weeks to complete, depending on the state of the basement at the time. If the floor must be removed and new flooring installed, as well as if the walls must be removed or new walls installed, the remodeling will take longer. While remodeling the basement, we will also need to consider adding windows. Our experts will keep you updated on the progress daily and aim to complete the remodeling within four to six weeks. At Home Remodeling of Greensboro, we also promise to value any input or suggestions you may have regarding your basement remodeling.

How will the remodeling be done?

Several steps must be taken during the basement remodeling process. Once all the old floors and walls have been removed, we will begin with the framing, which is the first step in putting up walls. The framing around the ceiling will also be completed at this stage. The basement's electrical and plumbing systems will be installed next. All the outlet boxes, wiring, and switches will be installed in the locations specified by our client. We will also install lighting in your basement at this time. Running water lines to the bathroom for the toilet, basin, as well as to a bathtub or shower, will be installed as part of the plumbing. The drain lines will be installed at this as well. The walls in the basement remodeling are then installed, and standard drywalling is used here to add separation to areas in your basement, once the walls are completed, we move onto the painting and flooring which indicating that the home stretch is nearing. The finishing touches are when the final stages come together, this is when the television, couches, and side tables for the home theater can be brought in. Or the playroom ping-pong table, or the gym equipment.

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